Cbd oil for Cats

Cbd oil for cats and dogs

Can CBD Oil help cats?

Until now, CBD oil has been used in treatments for cats including feeding problems, skin problems, diabetes, anxiety and tumors.

Veterinarians have even started recommending the use of CBD for dogs and cats as a natural supplement to reduce a large amount of health problems or even prevent them before they happen.

Cats and Nutrition

Cats are usually very picky about what they eat. Many cats only eat fresh food or canned food, some only eat solid foods and others are used to kill mice or small birds.
The first thing to remember is that cats and dogs are not the same. Cats are strict carnivores and need to have a certain amount of meat every day. If they are not eating an efficient amount, a few drops of CBD oil first directly into the mouth and then in the meal the next day will solve the loss of appetite.
In addition to the Diet problems, you can use CBD for your cat´s Diabetes.

Cat diabetes

CBD can also help kittens with diabetes. It improves the production of insulin and reduces
inflammation affecting the endocannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system of the cat.
This reduces the diabetes and acts also as a prevention for those cats who still are not
affected by diabetes.

The skin and fur

CBD can help cats with skin problems. Cats frequently being outside are more likely to develop such skin problems. Those conditions can easily transfer to other cats or humans.
CBD oil can help treat those skin and fur problems, plus its oily texture can ward off fleas.

Anxiety, cancer, tumors, breathing and belly.

Some cats suffer from intense cases of anxiety. CBD can help them calm down. When used
internally, CBD also acts as a remedy for the destruction of tumors and cancers. That,
along with diabetes, is very common for cats. Also CBD reduces upper respiratory and digestive problems. Cats, likewise Humans and dogs can greatly benefit from the use of CBD supplements. CBD has numerous healing properties that could be tremendously beneficial to your cat.