Cbd oil for Dogs

Cbd oil for cats and dogs

CBD and Dogs

Recent research has shown that CBD oil, provided in its correct dosage, is very effective for pets and especially for dogs. It supports the production of hormones that improve pain relieve and the cure of other mental and body disorders of the dog.

The best thing about CBD oil is that it has no psychotic effects, which means your dog won`t have to deal with any side effects.
The correct amount of CBD oil is crucial for the well-being of the dog. Therefore, we present necessary information on the dosage of CBD oil and the correct usage.

Why using CBD oil for dogs?

One question most people ask is why they should give their pets CBD oil. A common misconception is that CBD oil is only good for humans and that it might be dangerous for animals.

However, we assure you that there are tremendous benefits on a physical and mental health level for your dog, using CBD oil.

Here are some of them:

Nausea and digestive problems.

Mostly, young puppies have to deal with nausea and digestive problems. It has been proven, that changing their diet from liquid (milk) to solid food, the digestive system needs a few days to adjust to the new nutrients. This is why your puppy will be irritable and lethargic. By using CBD oil, you can improve the transition process in your puppy’s digestion system.

Muscle pain

If you start giving your puppy CBD oil before going to bed, you will notice that all the types of muscle and joint pain will be relieved, and your puppy will have a good sleep. In this case, CBD oil is a vital part of a rapid recovery.

Systemic equilibrium

Systemic imbalance is a common problem that puppies have to deal with. It can be the result of an improper diet plan or not being sufficiently physically active. The dog`s metabolic rate is affected and is often the cause of several health disorders. Using CBD oil can reduce and solve this problem. You will notice that your dog will be able to control his diet and that he will be more active. The systemic balance of your puppy is very important for a long and healthy life.

Stress reduction

Stress is not just something humans experiencing. Pets also suffer from getting stressed easily. Not coming home on time or forgetting to feed your dog are causing stress for dogs. CBD oil reduces the release of stress hormones in the puppy`s body. In this way, any stressful situation would be under control more easily. It is very important that you
control the stress level of the puppy to support a healthy lifestyle.

CBD oil dosage for your dog

Before you start giving your dog CBD oil, it is important to know the recommended dosage. It is the only way for your dog to get all the benefits that comes with it.

Here is the recommended dosage of CBD oil based on the weight and size of the dog:

Small dog with a weight of 10 kg

1 drop twice a day.

Medium size dog with a weight 10 to 25 kg

2 to 3 drops twice a day.

Large dog with a weight 25 kg or more

3 to 5 drops twice a day.

How to give your dog CBD oil

Most people think they can mix the drops in their dog's food and the medicine will easily transfer into their body. However, with CBD oil, it is not the correct way to obtain the desired beneficial effects. Instead, you will need to give them the drops directly. We all know that dogs are not really fans of drugs. In the beginning, you will have to oblige him to consume it by putting the oil straight into your dog's mouth, because that is the only possible and sufficient way. After a few days, the dog will probably get used to the oil.

Make sure you get the best quality CBD oil for your dog. CBD oil must be extracted by using the best technique to deliver a pure product. There are many retailers
licensed who sell the best quality CBD oil. Be sure to check out the reviews and ratings of the retailer and learn more about the performance of the products. Once you have found a reliable product, you must stick to the dosage within normal limits for best effects.

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Full Spectrum hemp stract oil 10%
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